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Making music since 1991

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Elegant design and advanced engineering come together to produce the ultimate musical listening experience. The top-of-the-range fact model combines new materials, innovative aerodynamic engineering, ...

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PMC Gets Behind a 'Radical' Idea - Owner of HiFi Lounge, Paul Clark, is pleased to announce sponsorship by PMC and five other major UK hi-fi brands for his recently acquired Radical SR1 race car, ...

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Key Clients

Key Clients

View PMC's collection of a highly esteemed key clients, users & studios.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

This Pro audio event is arguably Europe’s premier professional audio technology and networking ...

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Gareth Johnson of Stand Alone Productions at Metropolis Studios talks about being a composer of film, tv & games soundtracks.

twentywarranty Since its 20th anniversary back in 2011, PMC have been pleased
to offer an unrivalled 20 year warranty on all passive consumer speakers.
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